P&C insurers need a platform that helps them engage personally, innovate freely, and grow efficiently. That’s why they trust Guidewire. With these two videos that are packed with 3-D and cell animation, we help convey Guidewire’s mission with humor and a personal touch. Sit back and watch how a mischievous artist and magician brings the business of insurance to life!


Production House:
BluBlu Studios

Executive Creative Director:
Monika Kurek

Executive Producer:
Mateusz Stelmaszczyk

Art Director:
Ewa Baran

Illustration & Animation:
Ewa Baran, Natalia Krajewska, Michał Machowina, Karolina Specht, Jagoda Kaleta, Sybilla Kuczniak, Weronika Harla

Welcome to BluBlu Studios

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