We’re an award-winning Warsaw/Tokyo based studio which thrives on creating
sophisticated animated commercials, cartoon series,
premium explainer videos & illustrations.

Our studio collaborates with the most prominent brands, advertising agencies,
publishers and production houses all over the world.

While partnering with us you will never fret.
We’ve got it covered.


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Nickelodeon, IKEA, Forbes, Panasonic, Mentos, Chupa Chups, Seco, Orange, ABBA, Adidas, MultiSport, Mitsubishi, TEDx, Macmillan Publishers, Springer Nature, European Athletics, Gillette, Microsoft.

We’ve had a pleasure to work with them.

Other artworks

A mix of print, digital and concept arts. All the things that we do for a living.
Or should we say - we live to do.

Artwork #1 Artwork #3 Artwork #1001 Artwork #1002 Artwork #70 Artwork #60 Artwork #4 Artwork #6 Artwork #1003 Artwork #7 Artwork #8 Artwork #903
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  • Łukasz Skalik
    Łukasz Skalik

    CEO at Video Brothers /
    former Media Services Director
    at AGORA S.A.

    Working with BluBlu is
    an extremely positive and
    productive experience.
    World class animated videos, this
    is what we always get from them.
    Great partner for long-term

    Kuba Klawiter

    Producer, Klawiter Media
    (Production House)

    I’ve been working with these guys
    for over 5 years now and it’s not
    just because I like them.
    If you need the job to be done
    fast, stylish, in a great quality
    and with a smile, just call
    BluBlu Studios. It works for me.

    Kuba Klawiter
    Joakim Ewetz
    Joakim Ewetz

    Explainer.se (Explainer Agency)

    For whoever it may concern I will
    just give cred to Jacob and BluBlu
    who has always tried their best
    to listen to our ideas. Sometimes
    with a narrow time period and
    sometimes with difficult ideas from
    us Jacob and his team has always
    delivered over expectations.

    Allen Kamrava

    Founder & CEO, Eusoh.com

    BluBlu is a long-term partner of ours. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. I trust them wholeheartedly to do right by us and to exceed our expectations each and every time.

    Allen Kamrava
  • Justas Pikelis
    Justas Pikelis

    CEO, Co-Founder at Monetha/Forbes 30 Under 30/Blockchain Speaker

    First time when we saw videos created by BluBlu Studios we were amazed by the quality and style. Shortly we started to work with them and they presented top-notch skills and a great attitude to collaboration. Highly recommended!

    Mariusz Chojnowski

    Chief Media Specialist, Orange

    For the past two years we’ve been
    developing and polishing up three
    TV formats together and it is
    a particular pleasure for me to
    confirm that Jacob has been
    always equal to the task: patient,
    open-minded, fast and flexible.

    Mariusz Chojnowski
    Joakim Lindhé
    Joakim Lindhé

    Creative Director, Yellow Kid
    (Explainer Agency)

    Great quality animation and very
    nice and reliable guys
    to work with.

    Paweł Klaman

    Producer, Grupa Wirtualna Polska

    Co-operation with BluBlu has been
    a pure pleasure for more than
    2 years now. Excellent contact
    with the customer, passionate
    work commitment
    outstanding quality of delivered
    animations are their most
    significant features.
    I sincerely recommend them!

    Paweł Klaman
  • Don Whalen
    Don Whalen

    Wealth Manager,
    Co-Creator of PreciseFP™

    We were extremely pleased with
    every aspect of the development
    of our videos. From start to finish,
    BluBlu was extremely diligent
    and professional. We couldn't
    be happier with the end result.
    We look forward to having them
    do some additional videos
    in the future.

    Cornel Russi

    Director, Craolo GmbH

    This team has the absolute skills
    and passion to deliver outstanding
    projects. Very responsive work
    style and open communication
    with real value adding inputs.
    We are very happy with the results
    and can fully recommend
    BluBlu Studios.

    Cornel Russi
    Wojciech Grzeskowiak
    Wojciech Grzeskowiak

    President, Saving Cloud

    We met the BluBlu Studios team
    during a tender. A young and
    energetic team, completed the
    commissioned work with flying
    . Everything was in tip top
    shape and form. There will be
    no more tenders – now we know
    the perfect team for the job.

    Łukasz Berliński

    Social Manager, Navi Expert

    Creativity, timeliness of
     and huge
    involvement in cooperation
    with customers.
    Thanks to these attributes,
    working with BluBlu is
    a pure joy, that can be
    recommended to everyone who
    wants to create good animations.

    Łukasz Berliński
  • Bashar Abdullah
    Bashar Abdullah

    CEO at Skirimish.io & 7ojozat.com

    From the first contact I've had with
    BluBlu Studios, I've been amazed
    by how invested they are in
    the project. And it continues that
    way till the end. They're never
    happy to deliver anything
    but exceptional quality work
    that they can be proud of.

    Jean-Marie Parisot & Chris Ribeira

    Managing Partners at Study Fox

    We met the guys of BluBlu Studios
    in Warsaw to find out that they
    had an amazing creativity
    and were able to include even
    the craziest ideas into the video!
    Thank you for the great work
    and looking forward to working
    with you in the future!

    Jean-Marie Parisot & Chris Ribeira
    Marcel Schmid
    Marcel Schmid

    Co-Founder / CMO, Flexperto

    We really enjoyed working with BluBlu. The communication is absolutely excellent and they’re always really quick in responding and iterating on the project. We think that their style really differs from all standard work out there, it’s really top-notch quality and design. Also, we think they do an excellent job in translating your loose ideas into something tangible and great.

    Daniel Brazell

    MBA,Chief Executive Officer
    La Peer Health Systems

    We really enjoyed working with BluBlu! The communication is excellent and their creativity greatly shows their passion for their work. Thank you for the great work and looking forward to working with you in the future!

    Daniel Brazell
  • Tomizo Jinno
    Tomizo Jinno

    Executive Producer / Scriptwriter
    CEO of Eizo Sekkei Co., Ltd.

    BluBlu Studios, which is located on another side of the earth, brings us designs which are unique thanks to cultural differences with Japan. Their fresh and very imaginative work is always highly praised in Japan. Now I dream of working again with BluBlu and creating a moving picture book with them based on my own script.

    Paweł Dąbkowski

    Video Content Specialist, OleOle.pl

    We’re very pleased with the collaboration with BluBlu Studios. Every time they complete the order on time and with very satisfying results. If you’re looking for an agency which has it own style, you’ve just found it.

    Paweł Dąbkowski



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Jacob Kurek (Executive Producer)

Phone: + 48 692 973 403
Skype: kurek.jakub
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bielańska 4/51,
00-085 Warsaw, Poland
VAT EU: PL 5252606845
REGON: 36 06 50 271
KRS: 0000539387

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