Why the animation is better for your video marketing strategy?

Do you want to create a video for your company, service or product, but you are not sure which is better – live action or an animated one? As you probably already guessed, we believe that animation can give you infinite possibilities!

BluBlu Studios Earns 5 Stars on Clutch

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients. From IKEA to Microsoft, we’ve spanned industries, styles, and more to develop a diverse portfolio of successful videos. Now, we’ve had the opportunity to add a little extra context to hat portfolio with our recent partnership with Clutch.

Explainer Videos – facts and numbers

Explainer Video is short online marketing animation used to explain paramount matters related to a given company’s product or service. It’s also used to present an idea behind a newly formed start up. Such animations are publicized mainly on the Internet on companies’ websites or numerous social channels, but also are used as presentations addressed to potential business partners and different kinds of recipients.

See, understand, and tell. About the importance of topic analysis in the production of Explainer Videos.

Understanding is the key to success. An in-depth analysis of all the aspects of animation is the first crucial step in laying a solid foundation for each story.

Explainer Video. The difficult art of explaining

Short and effective animations are a great tool for telling stories about products, services, and companies that offer them. A good Explainer will not only tell your story, but will also make it more attractive and will encourage your audience to take the actions that you expect.

Video Production Companies 2019

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