Motion design


When a story becomes a play of motion.


Panta-rhei. In animation movement plays a main role. But it has to be perfectly planned and performed in order to do its job. Keeping the smoothness and the intelligence of the action flow – even with the implementation of the most bizarre ideas – guarantees you a perfect motion design.

Motion design 1

If – until now – you’ve thought that characters performing various sorts of action are absolutely crucial for telling a story, it’s time to verify that view. Stories can be told by raising a concept to a certain level of abstraction, that breaches the limitations  imposed by a will of bringing an animation close to reality. Elements presented in graphics can be identified as heroes, your clients, competitors, stakeholders etc. despite their non-human attributes.

The mentioned abstraction combined with high-class motion design let us show their behaviors, influence and also their environment. And all of that in an extraordinary fashion, which is also “to-the-point” and – against all appearances –  very obvious.

Motion design 2

Motion design 3

Motion design 4

Motion design 5

Motion design 6

Motion design 7

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