Film & TV


Traditional means – innovative presentation.


Even though the Internet starts to play a dominant role in the scope of content consumption and communication of brands with customers (current and potential ones), traditional means of transmission like television still maintain a huge range of influence on recipients.

Film & TV

They still are considered a hard to overrate channels, thanks to which brands and companies reach the masses and create their image. Unfortunately, the traditional media only allows for a one-way communication (brand --> the client), in the contrary to the Internet where the communication is multilateral. This can’t be forgotten when working on a content for a TV material. At BluBlu Studios we also realize that a recipient of a traditional advertisement not always has a possibility for immediate reaction (taking action towards a brand).

For that reason, content of the animation should be easy to approach and memorable so the recipient recalls it later when they can take that action. With a competently planned communication with using both traditional and modern channels of content distribution, a well thought out and realized TV animation will surely become a strong asset in your campaign.

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