When every second is priceless, here’s the tool that lets you plan how to use them effectively.

Let’s imagine that currently you’re working on a 30-second TV advertisement or 60-second clip for Instagram. In both of these cases you can’t cross the time limit due to budget or technical restrictions. But you have so much to tell and so much to show, that you’re afraid that there won’t be enough time. Animatic is here to help.

Animatics 1

It’s a more or less complex, initial animation which consists of graphics/drafts used in storyboard. Purpose of animatic is to precisely define moments when certain scenes should appear on screen and how many seconds they should be visible. Thanks to a solid planning (to every second) we can asses if there’s a chance that the whole content fits into a specified time limit. If it does, the problem is gone and everyone’s calm.

If the answer is ‘no’, we think what to do and how to plan the whole animation from the ground up to include everything and to make everyone happy. It’s a demanding process, but when the situation arises it can save a lot of nerves and… money.

Animatics 2

Animatics 4

Animatics 4

Animatics 5

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