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Our partnerships are based on a long-term production trust. We maintain 24/7 contact with our partners, corresponding via e-mail, phone and other communication channels regardless of the time zone differences.

We create explainer videos that can effectively influence the recipients and shape their behavior. Our projects not only explain, but also reveal the core aspects and pivotal points of the message.

In order to adjust our materials to various requirements of the recipients in different countries, we offer a vast palette of graphics and drawing styles. All our materials are internally overseen and reviewed. If you would like to co-operate with a team of experienced Producers, Creative Directors, Animators and Illustrators – you’re at the right place!

When you decide to hire a professional studio, you save the money, improve the workflow efficiency and create a long-term business relation with the company you like to work with which becomes your partner in time.

A good “explainer” outreaches the stiff templates and not only explains but also skillfully encourages and intrigues a recipient. It’s beneficial to order such animation from a professional studio, because a good explainer not only will advertise your product, but also will contribute to building you brand.

Speaking of brand creation – our videos are always perfectly matched to the visuals and our partner’s graphical representation and taste. Thanks to that a viewer absorbs information in a faster way and associates a certain style with the appropriate company. We do understand that good quality of videos suggest a viewer that the company prospers and its product is worth buying or service worth using. Not to mention that people are far more eager to identify themselves with a brand that represents premium quality!

Our method of natural, accessible “video storytelling” attracts a lot of industries and proves to be useful in countless markets and fields of activity. The list is almost endless:

Education, Entertainment, Finances, Government, Television, New Technologies, Healthcare, Human Resources, Mobile Application, Manufacturing & Logistics, Non-profits/NGOs, Charity/Social, Products and Retail, Pharmacy, Consumer Products, E-commerce, Professional Services, Insurance, Public Relations, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Regional Promotion, Universities, Real Estate …

Can’t find your branch? Don’t panic... We’ll get it done.

The final price is dependent on a number of different factors. It includes things like the duration of the video, the language, topic, production time, voice-over actor fees and animation style. With more complex productions, establishing a budget becomes a process that usually requires more planing and detailed arrangements.

We create every kind of videos that contain animation. Here are some examples:

  • Premium explainer videos
  • Animated series
  • Educational videos
  • Intro/outros
  • Music videos
  • Shorts Product videos
  • Launch videos
  • Communication and training videos
  • Animated infographics TV and cinema advertising
  • Instructional videos
  • Stop motion animations / Motion pictures

We also thrive on creating storyboards, animatics, concept arts, and many graphical artworks for multimedia (including mobile apps).

Most often, the key to making an effective video lies in presenting the content in a simple and understandable manner. A compelling screenplay and a natural tone of the voiceover is much more convincing to viewers than the typical ad/sales animations. In our productions we take full advantage of the power of Content Marketing, Storytelling and Narration Marketing.

On average, the production of single “explainer video” with a duration of 1-2 minutes takes 5-8 weeks. The whole process consists of multiple stages, which are individually and efficiently realized.

We are also able to complete the urgent projects at a rapid pace (which usually influences the price). Our record is a 3 minute animation which production time – starting from the conceptual phase, through the scriptwriting, illustrating, right to animating and polishing – took 10 days!

The required language is not an issue for us. We have already created videos in many languages - from Japanese to the Scandinavian ones.

Let’s say you have a great product, provide professional services or want to start an information campaign. Obviously you’d like to inform the world about it, but in the era of Internet and the flood of information, a casual ad or announcement is not enough. Not only do you need to reach the recipients’ awareness but also explain what your concept is about and why it’s worth getting interested in. That’s where explainer video comes in! Or – in other words – a video material (most frequently an animation) which explains e.g. how a certain product, service, technology or activity works.

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