You don’t change the game by doing what others do, even if you do it better. No, you need to be innovative, visionary and confident that you’ll make the difference.

Scroble brings fashion shopping into a new reality, which combines online and offline environment. To show that duality we needed to set both the style and the message that feel modern and elegant. Welcome to the new universe of shopping.


BluBlu Studios

Jed Skrzypczyk, Jarek Nowak

Executive Producer
Jed Skrzypczyk

Creative Director
Monika Kurek

Art Director
Jagoda Klaczyńska

Head of animation
Miłosz Kokociński

Animation & Illustration
Karolina Specht, Jagoda Klaczyńska, Amanda Piejak, Sybilla Kuczniak, Miłosz Kokociński

Welcome to BluBlu Studios

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