Bislett Games 2018


We’ve had an opportunity to produce the newest promotional video for Bislett Games 2018 - the biggest athletics event in Norway.

Our video was a part of the ad campaign focused on sustainability and environment. The most famous Norwegian athletes including Karsten Warholm (2017 World Champion, hurdles) were portrayed as superheroes with abnormal human powers.
Credits for the video’s script and the ad campaign concept go to Edmond Yang (YangMedia) &  Fredrik Østbye.
BluBlu Studios took care of production of the animated video.

Artwork and retouch: Edmond Yang (Yangmedia)
Photo by: Per Heimly




Oslo/Bislett Stadium is taken over by dark, evil forces. Dark clouds and pollution cover the whole city.  Karsten Warholm - the world’s champion in hurdles - comes to the rescue. Along with the team of his fellow super athletes he has to face the pollution monster hidden in the dark clouds...
Karsten Warholm - 2017 World Champion (hurdles), speed superhero. Captain Green.
Filip, Henrik & Jakob Ingebrigtsen  - The pack of Cyber Wolves. Runners
Karoline Bjerkeli - Amazonas women/The Amazonian Princess. Hurdles.
Amalie Iuel - The Viking Valkyrje Princess. Hurdles.
Sondre Norstad Moen - A half antelope, half man from the Savannah. Marathon.
Isabelle Pedersen - Hurdles.












Agency: Fred, Ed & Heimly
Script: Fredrik Østbye
Creative Direction: YangMedia, BluBlu Studios
Executive Producer: J. Kurek
Production: BluBlu Studios
Artists: Miłosz Kokociński, Jagoda Kaleta, Jagoda Klaczyńska, Michał Machowina, Daniel Damm, Ilona Rybak, Amanda Piejak, Ewa Baran, Ewa Geruzel
Sound design: Marek Truszkowski, Miłosz Kokociński



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