Where your vision takes shape (and your story gets good narration).

Even the most beautiful and attractive visuals don’t play their roles if the story is weak, inconsistent or simply misses the point. Here’s where we create foundations for your project. Storyboard is a document containing drafts and descriptions to every scene that appears in the animation. Here’s where every slide of camera and movement of every object visible on screen is planned.

Storyboards 1

What’s hard to be reflected with simple drawing gets completed with detailed scene description. Thanks to that both the production team and the client have a possibility to imagine the flow of given animation sequences. With, for example, a 60-90-sec clip the storyboarding stage can take up to a couple of days. But the time spend on that pays off.

The slightest mistake or oversight can negate further work of graphic designers and animators because despite their effort, recipient won’t take from the animation the message that a brand wants him to. To emphasize a huge role of storyboard in production process even among the giants of animation, imagine that Pixar – when working on a 90-minute film – creates ca. 12 000 drawings!

Storyboards 5

Storyboards 6

Storyboards 7

Storyboards 8

Storyboards 2

Storyboards 3

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