Infographics (still & animated)

The world of data vibrant as your vision.


Sometimes it’s all about data. At BluBlu Studios we love passing information along using stories. But at the same time we realize that the character of some messages (or companies sharing them) doesn’t go hand in hand with such approach and require using a lot of numbers, graphs and bars. Who said that data cannot contain (frequently very dramatic) stories?


But the fact that your material strictly focuses on numbers, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be stylish. We believe that pure information and artistic design goes together like hand in glove. Unattractive visuals can discourage recipient from becoming acquainted with so much information, reducing the chance for absorbing at least a small part of it. A successful cooperation with the biggest media groups in Poland (that we are glad to maintain to date) has taught us how to present data with nicely drawn graphics and dynamic animation. 

We have no problem with adjusting style to expectations, topic and character of the animation (and to the client). It can be a whiteboard production, neat flat design, or a futuristic animation with some 3D elements arranged in multidimensional space. We like it when the visuals of the graphics become their complementary part helping passing data along, not only a nice looking dressing.

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