Character design

The look of your character speaks volumes of your brand. Let it speak loudly.


Your message and story defines a style. The style defines characters. And characters are often the most important factors affecting  the perception of animation or illustration. A well thought-out combination of these elements is the key to an effective message. 

Character design 1

When we all agree that your project should contain characters, the next step is to describe who should they be and how should they look.  Both of these factors are strongly correlated to the story you want to tell and people you try to reach. If you communicate your message to children and the defined style allows for it, your characters should be likeable, friendly and often have… disturbed body proportions (e.g. a head and eyes bigger than the rest of the body would suggest). 

But if you aim with a business animation at a group of bankers, we’ll surely keep appropriate proportions and tone the outfit in regard to colors and fashion. As we’ve worked for companies and organizations deriving from various parts of the world we’ve also learned that the social and cultural background have a significant influence on the look and outfit of characters. We adapt to all requirements in that regard no problem.

Character design 2

Character design 3

Character design 4

Character design 5

Character design 6

Character design 7

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