Cupidiculous is a humorous title of a funny two minute animated story about  Cupid, who thanks to his magical “love“ arrow, causes Adam and Eve to fall in love. As a consequence of their love, overpopulation, mass consumption and finally the destruction of their natural enviroment follow. Cupid seeing the results of his deed decides to fix his mistake.

The author of the animation is Panop Koonwat, a student of the NY School of Visual Arts. The entire movie is consistent, dynamic and has a specific atmosphere. The music and characters give this animation a psychodelic vibe. Everything seems surreal. The author decided to use saturated, pastel colours. They fit  ideally and create a “sweet” encasement for the movie. Most elements were done in 3D but are projected in 2D.We can observe a “splashy effect” in the motion. This was surely a time consuming process as the author had to colour in the objects frame by frame. The effect looks great and gives the colours a “wet” look. The author approached the project very earnestly. He had to prepare the animatics in advance, in order to check if his pictures would in fact work together with each other and the music. He even created a blog for work progress which can be found at

Panop Koonwat received  his much deserved recognition at festivals such as: MetroCAF, Adobe Awards, Puchon International Student Animation Festival and SIGGRAPH Asia.



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